Work in progress

What's this?

Baga was born as a family, an extended one, who accepted the challenge of changing the rules of this whole game. A journey with a backpack full of values like respect and brotherhood, which are the ideas behind the project. The aim is to combine sports and culture, art and environmental sustainability. Different worlds but with a common denominator: freedom and beauty.

A way of thinking, a way of life, one word: BAGA

About us

Who is behind Baga project?
There are 3 young minds, Thomas Diederichs, Giulia Bianchi and Tommaso Santandrea, born riders and backpackers, who are part of a different bend of humans.
They ride and travel to get away from life and escape to a different world, not only for hobby.
They are very grateful to be situated in this beautiful land, near Como Lake, where they have the possibility to live very close to mountains, lake and sea, connected with nature to develop love for this elements.
They think is important in this age of socials, individuality and unrestrained consumerism, have another day to be inspired by nature, and to respect our planet. Another day for live a sustainable lifestyle, and honour all the gifts awarded to us by our natural environment.
And with this creative vision they can find something to surf out of almost anything..
That is there own philosophy to show to people what nature has to offer, and for encourage sustainable living. You may care something for its survival, which is probably no bad thing!
If they aren't riding, they are on the road to the next stop. You should probably join this name!